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German Bio-tech and life sciences magazine reported




7 Dec 2015


The Biotech and Life Sciences Portal Baden-Württemberg in Germany, introduces the “MOSSpheres” in which MOSSclone’s mosses are brought out in the field for biomonitoring air pollution.

read English article in BioPro:
"peat moss for measuring air pollution"

read German article in BioPro:
"Torfmoos zur Messung der Luftverschmutzung"

Spanish University reported




7 July 2015

Universidad de la Rioja

The Webiste of the University informs about the project, our Moss-Speres and offers a video:

"Mossphere permite medir la calidad del aire con un musgo:
Desarrollado el primer instrumento biotecnológico que permite monitorizar la calidad del aire con un musgo."

read Spanish article at Universidad de la Rioja:
"Mossphere permite medir la calidad del aire con un musgo"

Spanish TV station and digital newspaper reported




1st Dec 2013

Televisión de Galicia

The video on the Spanish TV channel introduces the work of Ana Isabel Rey Asensio from the Spanish Biovía company and of Prof. Simonetta Giordano from the Italian University at Naples.

see video at Televisión de Galicia

29th Nov 2013 El Mundo

The internet edition of the newspaper introduces the moss which will become a partner to measure air contaminations. The article is entitled: "El musgo, un aliado para medir la contaminación atmosférica". 

read article in El Mundo

Article in specialist journal




20th November 2013

Werkstoffe in der Fertigung

The German technical journal „Werkstoffe in der Fertigung“ („materials in the manufacturing process) reported about the Mid Term Meeting at Freiburg University

Video in 14 languages




6th June 2013


The first video reporting about the European research collaboration introduces people, project and first field tests.

English media reported about the MOSSclone project




18th May 2012

Crop Biotech update

In the weekly summary of world developments the online platform reported briefly about the plans of the research consortium.

3rd April 2012

Compute Scottland (online platform)

Under the title "Future forests, moss analyst" the paper reported about the MOSSclone project and the five countries involved.

Spanish media reported about the MOSSclone project




17th March 2013

regional newspaper

Why it makes sense to use moss

The aims of the Mossclone research consortium to measure air contamination using mosses was introduced in the Spanish Newspaper La Voz de Galicia. Ana Rey Asensio from Biovía Consultor Ambiental explains: It makes sense to use a moss for this task since mosses don’t have roots and therefore acquire all necessary nutrients from the air. She and her coworkers Julia Ramos and Verónica Fernández are on the photo that goes along with the article.

May 2012

national radio, newspaper & TV

On the MOSSclone Facebook group Carlos Brais Carballeira Braña links to several spanish media which reported about the project

10th May 2012

University Journal

Mossclone Project is in the USC newspaper, the journal of the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain

German media reported about the MOSSclone project




14th April 2012 (newspaper)

How researchers from MOSSclone want to improve monitoring air pollution introduced the German newspaper in it's science section.

6th April 2012 (forestry periodical)

The common online platform of four forestry periodicals reports about the MOSSclone project goals.

5th April 2012

(public radio station)

"Schadstoffe in der Luft mit Moosbeuteln messen" was the title of a radio feature which introduces the technology behind the MOSSclone project.

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