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8th April 2014

MOSSclone Newsletter - 4th Issue

The issue summarizes the results gained by the Consortium so far. It provides an overview and photos from the second working project leaders' meeting which took place at Santiago de Compostela in November. The results of the standardization of the moss bags in which the moss will be exposed to measure air quality are summarized: their mesh, shape, weight, the time of exposure as well as the optimal height for exposure. According to the recommendations drawn from the results mentioned samples of the cloned mosses are now simultaneously being exposed with traditional detectors in Spain and Italy.

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13th October 2013

MOSSclone Newsletter - 3rd Issue

Images and the agenda of the consortium's mid-term meeting at Freiburg (Germany) are provided in this newsletter. Moreover project manager Carlos Carballeira summarises main achievements of the research consortium as well as of the mid-term meeting which took place end of September. He reports that the species Sphagnum palustre was chosen to be cloned from now on after several species were tested. The next steps will be the up-scaling of the cultures. A map shows the locations where the samples were exposed to different types of air pollutions across Europe. The newsletter also compares native and cloned mosses and describes the tasks which are now in the focus of the research consortium. A list of media coverage rounds off this issue.

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16th April 2013

MOSSclone Newsletter - 2nd Issue

A summary of the first WP leaders meeting at Naples, Italy, is given, which focused on the scientific activities of WP2. A summary of main achievements of the meeting is also provided and the concerns of the WP3 tool development are listed such as the criteria for identification and selection of exposure sites, the exposure protocols etc. A map illustrates the three sites distributed across Europe where the moss bags will be tested. The Newsletter finally summarizes recent, current, and upcoming tasks of the MOSSclone Research Consortium.

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1st October 2012

MOSSclone Newsletter - 1st Issue

The objectives as well as recent, current, and upcoming research tasks of the MOSSclone consortium are presented. A short note informs about the first kick-off meeting of the experts working in five European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Ireland and Germany) and introduces the participating eleven institutions. A list of recent publications rounds of the first MOSSclone Newsletter.

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